la vie en ~molly~ rose

Welcome, readers to SUIT DU JOUR. I am enchanted to meet you.

Here you will find daily specials dedicated to my rose-tinted philosophy on fashion. My lens is unique because I am hard of hearing, so my philosophy is based on raising awareness about the unfamiliar yet alluring subjects I notice in the everyday world. Since I can’t hear as well, I have developed a greater ability to see. In fashion, specifically, I listen to what others are communicating more so with my eyes than ears.

I am drawn to subjects with un unusual flair and I love showing you how the “ugly” can be beautiful. I hope that you will see through my content how important it is to engage with your eyes and make sense of the world through your senses.

In totality, the senses make everything we encounter more rich and delicious.

Bon appétit, my friends, and devour your suit du jour.