snack packs x fanny packs

Can I get some beckaroos anyone? The s’mores n’ chill, please? I’d really love them to go with my fanny pack, thanks…

In case you haven’t heard, snack packs & fanny packs are having a simultaneous yet related moment in food and fashion. Both kinds of packs are throwbacks to the 90s decade, when Dunkaroos were the favorite snack in every kid’s lunchbox and fanny packs were Tommy Hilfiger’s go-to sporty-chic item.

In the food scene, Becky’s Bites NYC is making snack-packs trendy all over again by offering a range of chip-and-dip pairings in both sweet and savory flavors. Their most well-known snack-pack is their take on dunkaroos called “beckaroos”. Buzzfeed just posted about these this week in their “31 Most Instagrammable Desserts in NYC” post. An image of the dank-a-roos is below.

“Beckaroos” from Becky’s Bites NYC. Located in the East Village, NYC

Run by Rebecca and Richard Rosenthal (also my beloved siblings!), Becky’s Bites NYC is the place to go if you want a hangout spot with throwback vibe and a delicious and instagrammable dessert. Check them out here. When you’re craving some Beckaroos you can get them delivered right to you on Seamless! AMAZING, I know.

In the fashion scene, fanny packs are all the rave as well, except now in addition to being worn around the waist they are also being worn around the chest like a tightly hoisted messenger bag. Brands such as Supreme, Herschel, Gucci and others are selling their fanny pack stocks like crazy. Pics from fashion week are below and a link to buy if you want to go hands-free! I know I do.

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There is something to be said about snack packs and fanny packs being sold at the same time. From a broader perspective, this means that the lifestyle trend happening right now is to literally throw people back into their childhoods. By enabling consumers to eat and dress in playful and colorful ways, they can reclaim their youth and let go a little from the responsibilities of the adult world.

I am imagining my outfit for my next adventure to Becky’s Bites – I think I’ll wear a sweat-suit and get myself a fanny pack to wear over it.

Now go splurge on some 90s treats, please!

xx, mr


drag racing

Drag racing might be the next source of inspiration for fashion lovers. As I was reading ELLE magazine online, I discovered that high-end candle company, Byredo, just launched a handbag collection called “Accelerated Culture” inspired by the sport. The collection is absolutely stunning – the handbags are structured geometric shapes with color-blocking details reminiscent of race car designs and styles. This is one of the bags.

Courtesy of Byredo

At first I was confused why a candle company would launch a handbag line but the more I think about it the more it makes sense why this is a respectable and smart business move – if a designer can please our olfactory senses, he/she can most likely please our visual senses too. Targeting multiple senses at once can give consumers an opportunity to buy into a brand’s lifestyle. Launching as a candle-company first gives Byredo an interesting angle and it is refreshing to see a company such as this take unexpected risks creating other products and succeeding. Here are some of the brand’s other bags and wallets. (I’m dying at how gorgeous they are!).

Courtesy of Byredo
Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 11.03.53 AM
Courtesy of Byredo


Since I love the bags, I figured I’d check out the nascar website to see what fashion products they offer. It turns out they have some AMAZING graphic tees (some of my favorite items).

Pair any of these tees with black jeans and white shoes will make you look mega fresh. This is what I would wear (jeans from Zara, shoes from Mansur Gavriel).


When looking for some inspiration, take a look at unexpected sources and you might find something new to rave about!

xx, mr