Dress for Succex

Whenever you go out into the world, you should dress for the role you want to play and the people who wish to attract. Just like this gentleman steals a kiss from his woman, you can steal eyes by creating the illusion you are confident, put-together and sexy.

The way you can connect with clothes and feel great about the things you buy is simply buying things that are right for you, and uniquely you.

I’m currently reading an amazing book by Dale Carnegie called How to Win Friends and Influence People (buy here if interested) and a major takeaway I get from reading the book, though it seems like common sense, is that every person – friend or foe – wants to feel desirable, important, and heard. Although he does not talk about fashion as a variable in developing friendships, cultivating an original sense of style, finding clothes that make you feel unique, and complementing when another looks great is a major yet subtle way you can win others’ attention and influence them.

When it comes to dressing both for success and sex, it is important to think about the messages you want to send to others. If you want people to respect you, listen to you, trust you and admire you, you must take the time to address your personal needs and find a style that portrays your best self. Ultimately, everything you wear communicates who you are and represents how you feel inside. Even if you don’t feel that great, wearing the right colors, cuts, and patterns for your personality and body type can uplift your mood unexpectedly and make you a focal point of positive attention.

Imagine the person of your dreams walks into the room you are in – what would you want to wear to attract that person right away?

Now, imagine your role model in business sees you for the first time, what are you gonna wear to project your best self and be taken seriously?

If you are a guy reading this and need some quick tips, check out my guide-book on dressing smart and sexy. There are outfits I put together to wear for certain occasions, day and night, for work and life.

Molly Rose Style Guidebook for Men

If you are a gal, I’ll be attaching a guide-book soon. Stay posted!

My advice for succeeding quicker in business, life and love is to find a signature style, take risks in what you wear and how you wear them, and make a conscious effort to complement others when they wear something unique or spend the time putting themselves together.

You just never know when an outfit can lead and inspire…

xx, mr

P.S- I am always around to help you discover your style. E-mail me at molly.rose.kestenbaum@gmail.com for a free and fab consultation!

snack packs x fanny packs

Can I get some beckaroos anyone? The s’mores n’ chill, please? I’d really love them to go with my fanny pack, thanks…

In case you haven’t heard, snack packs & fanny packs are having a simultaneous yet related moment in food and fashion. Both kinds of packs are throwbacks to the 90s decade, when Dunkaroos were the favorite snack in every kid’s lunchbox and fanny packs were Tommy Hilfiger’s go-to sporty-chic item.

In the food scene, Becky’s Bites NYC is making snack-packs trendy all over again by offering a range of chip-and-dip pairings in both sweet and savory flavors. Their most well-known snack-pack is their take on dunkaroos called “beckaroos”. Buzzfeed just posted about these this week in their “31 Most Instagrammable Desserts in NYC” post. An image of the dank-a-roos is below.

“Beckaroos” from Becky’s Bites NYC. Located in the East Village, NYC

Run by Rebecca and Richard Rosenthal (also my beloved siblings!), Becky’s Bites NYC is the place to go if you want a hangout spot with throwback vibe and a delicious and instagrammable dessert. Check them out here. When you’re craving some Beckaroos you can get them delivered right to you on Seamless! AMAZING, I know.

In the fashion scene, fanny packs are all the rave as well, except now in addition to being worn around the waist they are also being worn around the chest like a tightly hoisted messenger bag. Brands such as Supreme, Herschel, Gucci and others are selling their fanny pack stocks like crazy. Pics from fashion week are below and a link to buy if you want to go hands-free! I know I do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is something to be said about snack packs and fanny packs being sold at the same time. From a broader perspective, this means that the lifestyle trend happening right now is to literally throw people back into their childhoods. By enabling consumers to eat and dress in playful and colorful ways, they can reclaim their youth and let go a little from the responsibilities of the adult world.

I am imagining my outfit for my next adventure to Becky’s Bites – I think I’ll wear a sweat-suit and get myself a fanny pack to wear over it.

Now go splurge on some 90s treats, please!

xx, mr

Styling Sammy Ray

Meet Sammy Ray –  Sammy is finance guy, entrepreneur and song-writer/producer based in NYC. He is also my beloved older brother. Sam asked me last week to help him revamp his style – he felt he needed to spice it up a little and make it more unique, more him. Knowing that Sam looks up to talented musicians as role models, such as Paul McCartney (who we saw recently in concert and is absolutely quirky and incredible!), I knew instantly that the key to revamping his style was making him look more like a musician, more like his role models to bring out that musical side out of him. By dressing the role of a musician and emulating the people he admires, Sam will subconsciously be in a more creative state of mind, whether at work, happy hour with friends or in his studio composing.

We all have people that we look up to and it is their form of self-expression, particularly in fashion, that we can learn from. When I went to the Paul McCartney concert earlier this month, I noticed that Sir Paul was wearing an amazing tailored military jacket with a patch on his sleeve. His jacket reminded me of the mod styles that he wore during his touring years as a Beatle. The music he played combined with the stories he told and outfit he wore transported me back in time, and seeing him was one of the most liberating experiences ever.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.53.22 PM.png

Sam was singing along to every song during the show and was clearly in his element. According to Sam, “the Beatles are inspiring to [him] because they’re an example of how the mold can be broken, and how you can use a combination of creativity, community and ingenuity to create something bigger than ever thought possible.” Like them, Sam is inspired by the power of music to free people and bring them together.

Before we went shopping, I looked at Sam’s closet, saw what he had as well as what he didn’t. I knew Sam wanted to take more risks, so when we spent a full day shopping in Soho, I kept thinking about mod-sixties styles and pieces that were representative of the era. The pieces needed to have character, color, and silhouettes that alluded to the time. These are some of the looks below. In the last look pictured, Sam wears a minimalist tailored jacket which is similar to the shapes Sir Paul and the other Beatles wore during their years performing. The jacket fit him like a glove, and he felt great in it, so he knew he had to buy it!

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Luckily, I love to find high-quality pieces at bargain prices, so we got great deals for the money he spent. He bought a ton of staple pieces and a few interesting one to mix into his wardrobe. The key now is to routinely update his closet by buying a few new items over the year. To shop one of his looks, with pieces all from H&M, click the link on the item you’re interested in below.

| Bomber | Black Tee | Flannel Top | Black Slim Fit Jeans|

For a personal styling session with moi and my free cheat sheet for men on “Dressing smart & sexy”, email me here! You will also get a free personal styling session in exchange for a referral and post about our day spent reinventing your wardrobe.

Get in touch and let’s find your suit du jour together 🙂




la vie en ~molly~ rose

Welcome, readers to SUIT DU JOUR. I am enchanted to meet you.

Here you will find daily specials dedicated to my rose-tinted philosophy on fashion. My lens is unique because I am hard of hearing, so my philosophy is based on raising awareness about the unfamiliar yet alluring subjects I notice in the everyday world. Since I can’t hear as well, I have developed a greater ability to see. In fashion, specifically, I listen to what others are communicating more so with my eyes than ears.

I am drawn to subjects with un unusual flair and I love showing you how the “ugly” can be beautiful. I hope that you will see through my content how important it is to engage with your eyes and make sense of the world through your senses.

In totality, the senses make everything we encounter more rich and delicious.

Bon appétit, my friends, and devour your suit du jour.