Dress for Succex

Whenever you go out into the world, you should dress for the role you want to play and the people who wish to attract. Just like this gentleman steals a kiss from his woman, you can steal eyes by creating the illusion you are confident, put-together and sexy.

The way you can connect with clothes and feel great about the things you buy is simply buying things that are right for you, and uniquely you.

I’m currently reading an amazing book by Dale Carnegie called How to Win Friends and Influence People (buy here if interested) and a major takeaway I get from reading the book, though it seems like common sense, is that every person – friend or foe – wants to feel desirable, important, and heard. Although he does not talk about fashion as a variable in developing friendships, cultivating an original sense of style, finding clothes that make you feel unique, and complementing when another looks great is a major yet subtle way you can win others’ attention and influence them.

When it comes to dressing both for success and sex, it is important to think about the messages you want to send to others. If you want people to respect you, listen to you, trust you and admire you, you must take the time to address your personal needs and find a style that portrays your best self. Ultimately, everything you wear communicates who you are and represents how you feel inside. Even if you don’t feel that great, wearing the right colors, cuts, and patterns for your personality and body type can uplift your mood unexpectedly and make you a focal point of positive attention.

Imagine the person of your dreams walks into the room you are in – what would you want to wear to attract that person right away?

Now, imagine your role model in business sees you for the first time, what are you gonna wear to project your best self and be taken seriously?

If you are a guy reading this and need some quick tips, check out my guide-book on dressing smart and sexy. There are outfits I put together to wear for certain occasions, day and night, for work and life.

Molly Rose Style Guidebook for Men

If you are a gal, I’ll be attaching a guide-book soon. Stay posted!

My advice for succeeding quicker in business, life and love is to find a signature style, take risks in what you wear and how you wear them, and make a conscious effort to complement others when they wear something unique or spend the time putting themselves together.

You just never know when an outfit can lead and inspire…

xx, mr

P.S- I am always around to help you discover your style. E-mail me at molly.rose.kestenbaum@gmail.com for a free and fab consultation!

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Hello, my name is Molly Rose. I am CEO & Founder of Molly Rose Eyewear and SUIT DU JOUR, platforms that both raise awareness about hearing loss and adversity in fashion.

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